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The hardest part is over, you've completed your manuscript. Now, let us polish your content to prepare it for publication. We offer various levels of editing for manuscripts, regardless of the genre. View available services below and then request your free service quote. 

Author Services


For the stories that need a final review.


For the stories that need a closer look. 

Substantive Editing

For the writer who wants a personalized experience.

Manuscript Proofreading

Proofreading is appropriate for manuscripts that have already been copyedited. The final version of the manuscript will be used for the proof. The purpose of the proofread is to ensure that no small errors were overlooked during copyediting. Minor grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors may be corrected during this time. 


Neither consultation nor feedback will be included with this service.  

$0.010 per word

Manuscript Copyediting


10:00 am

During copyediting, errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be corrected. Additionally, the content will be revised for consistency of style. Edits will be made according to the Chicago Manual of Style unless otherwise specified by the author. Also, improvements may be made to sentence structure and word choice.


Additional consultation may be included with this service, but no feedback will be provided.

$0.015 per word​

Substantive Manuscript Editing


11:30 am

Substantive editing will include all components of copyediting but will have important additional input. Sentences may be rewritten to improve flow and clarity. Additionally, feedback may be provided in regard to the effective communication of the theme, tone, setting, etc.


This service can include multiple consultation sessions and feedback will be provided to the author.

$0.020 per word


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